DKY having its strength from its experienced R&D produces Butterfly Valves ranging from 150mm to 3000mm (6″ to 120″) diameter.

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Flanged butterfly valves are of a double eccentric design.
It provides complete leakage tightness by its elastomeric seat which is connected to disc with the retaining ring. It is generally controlled manually with gearbox, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic actuator. They are used for On/off purpose.


  • Drinking water and Irrigation Systems
  • Liquids with no acidic or alcalic or flammable value.
Valve Type Flanged Type Butterfly Valve
DN/ANSI DN 150-DN 3000, 6” – 120”
Pressure Nominal PN 10, PN 16, PN 25, PN 40
Flange Connection PN 10, PN 16, PN 25, PN 40
Top Flange ISO 5211
Marking EN 19
Face to face dimension EN 558-1/14
Test Standard EN 12266-1


DKY produces Wafer Type Butterfly Valves ranging from 50mm to 300mm diameter special to the requested needs. Material of the body is GG25  Iron Casting where the disc is made up by nickel coated ductile iron. It has superior properties such as good leak tightness, easy usage and lightness.

The disc functions as closing element as rotating around vertical shaft spindle DKY Wafer Type Butterfly valves. It opens or close the crossing on pipe fully with its rotation on its axis. Leak tightness is sustained between disc and leak tightness element in body.  This element also acts as seal between pipe and valve at flange.

The major advantages of Wafer Type Butterfly valves; minimize the pressure losses significantly, easy openning and closing property, highly leak tightness, lightness and saves space.

There must be control of disc whether it is freely moving or not before operating in the installation of Wafer Type Butterfly Valves. Even the shaft can be horizontal or vertical position the valves with DN300 or more have to be installed horizontally.


  • Heating-cooling, Air conditioning,
  • Water Purification  and  Distribution Systems
  • Mining Industry
Type of Valve Wafer Type Butterfly Valve
Nominal Diameter DN50 – DN300
Working Pressure PN16 (Max.)
Body Material GG25  Cast Iron
Disk Material Nicel coated ductile iron
Working Temperature -10ºC….+130ºC