DKY having its strength from its experience and R&D produces Check-vslves  ranging  from 50mm to 300mm diameter. Material of these valves is GGG 40 Ductile Iron Casting and with operating temperature between -10 °C … +80 °C can be specially produced upon the requested need as well.

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Check valves are used widely in pipelines conveying liquids, gases and steam. They prevent the fluid from back flow in a very simple manner. The only moving part in the check-valve is the disk with steel, hinged on the body to rotate feely, closing at an angle of 5°C. This design detail ensures the drip tight closing of the disc by gravity even at very low or no-pressure applications. The disc opens in the direction of flow by the inertial effect of the moving fluid automatically. Only at no-flow condition the disk returns to its seat, preventing back flow drip tight. This offers a one-way flow through the valve. The use of swing type check-valves are very important mostly at the outlet of pumps. It is very important that the disk closes rapidly in pump applications with turn-off or electricity cut-off, before reversing flow slams the disc back to its seat, inducing water hammer other than induced by the rapid velocity change in the pipeline. Counterweight is added to the check-valve disc stem for the purpose as an optional feature.


  • Drinking water and Irrigation Systems
  • Liquids with no acidic or alcalic or flammable value
Nominal Diameter DN50 – DN300
Pressure Nominal PN10 – 16
Material GGG 40 Ductile Iron
Flange Standard TS ISO 7005-2 / TS EN 1092-2
Dimensioning DIN 3202/2 – F1 / TS EN 558/1-14
Operating Temperature -10 ºC … +80 ºC
Coating Electrostatic Epoxy Blue