DKY having its strength from its experience and R&D produces A Type Hydraulic Irrigation Hydrant ranging at 100mm diameter. Outlet diameter of Hydrant is 80mm (3″) with operating temperature between -10 °C … +80 °C.

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A Type Irrigation hydrants connected to Irrigation networks are used to supply essential water to Agricultural lands.

Hydrant is made up from a lower and an upper body and angled nozzles. On/off operation is realized by mechanic elements such as handwheel, plug and stem. There is a an anti-frost piece protecting from freeze. There are “Flow Limiters” at outlets of these valves to control and limit the amount of flowrate through the hydrant, not to exceed the designed rate. Cartridge type regulators are assembled to each branch of hydrant in order to reduce pressure to desired level.

Nominal Diameter DN80 – 100
Pressure Nominal PN10 – 16
Outlet diameter Ø80 mm (3″)
Flange Standard TS ISO 7005-2 / TS EN 1092-2
Operating Temperature -10 °C … +80 °C
Coating Electrostatic Epoxy Blue