R&D Department of DKY Valves has developed the most multifunctional compact Hydrant i.e. “HSH-i Hydrant” developed ever. The main motivation that guides R&D Department of DKY Valves to such success is the criteria of European Standards “Consumed water is to be measured precisely”.

New Generation Hydraulic Irrigation Hydrant i.e. HSH-i Hydrant designed for distribution and measurement of water in medium and high pressurized networks.

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HSH-i  Hydrant is the most multifunctional compact product developed ever:

  • Operates as valve,
  • Supplies the distribution of water to several lines,
  • Adjusts pressure,
  • Limits flow,
  • Delimits and facilitates the water with its equipped integral and watermeter.

New Features:

  • Integrated Ultrasonic
  • Flowmeter / Watermeter
  • Prepaid Card Control
  • Remote Control

Existing Features:

  • Pressure Regulation
  • Flow Limiting
  • On / Off operation for each individual outlet

Ultrasonic Water Meter – Comparison in Drinking Water System

Ultrasonic Water Meter - Comparison in Drinking Water System

Technical Features (Hydrant):

Nominal Dia. (inlet) DN100, flanged
Nominal Dia. (outlet) 3”, BSP threaded (1-2 pcs)
Total Length (L) 940mm, monoblock (one single cast)
Nominal Pressure PN10-16
Material Body EN-GJS-400-15 (GGG40) Ductile Iron
Flange Standard EN1092-2

Technical Features (Integrated Ultrasonic Watermeter):

Energy Integrated Li-Ion battery (10 years life min.)
Indicator Digital ( ISO 4064-1)
Protection Class IP67 (1m. underwater)
Precision ±2% (Required precision is ±5% as per standard TSEN14267 + AC:2009)
Metrological Class B (QNC / QC minimum > 25)

Advantages of Ultrasonic Measurement in Irrigation :

  • It does not take air transition into account.
  • Assembling is very easy, it can be assembled even on the slope (no moving parts).
  • Not affected from corrosion, residue and dirts.
  • The pressure loss is too low (It reduces energy consumption of pump).
  • No risk of clogging.
  • Not affected from temperature differences.
  • High precision.
  • 10 years of battery life.
  • Last 12 months’ consumption data in its memory.
  • Integration to systems with external automation (MBUS and MODBUS)