DKY Telescobic Extension Spindle provides above ground control of DKY Gate Valve easily that are already installed underground.

DKY Telescobic Extension Spindle is produced in three types between 450mm and 1750mm height as listed belows. All parts of spindle is resistant to corrosion and plastic cover is made of HDPE, key adapter and spindle adapter are of ductile iron and all metal parts are galvanized.

Upper and bottom protection pipes prevent the penetration of dust and sand to spindle, so they provide/ help the ease of turn ofvalve shaft.

Key Adapter is in two types as F3 (23±2mm) and F4 (32±2mm)

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DKY Surface Box enables the operation of gate valves installed under ground from above ground as a surface box.

DKY  Surface Boxes are designed to be resistant to heavy traffic loads with options of cast iron and ductile iron materials and in telescobic (rising) and standard rigid types.

Key Adapter is in two types as F3 (23±2 mm) and F4 (32±2mm).